…is a painful chore. I wish I did not have to move again; but, I do. We just can not keep living in this place anymore. Our landlord and his staff kept sniffing around in our apartment for no good reason. They refused to fix any of the problems in our apartment; they just liked letting themselves in and looking around. Then we got a 7-day notice in November saying if we did not “clean-up” our unsanitary conditions we would be evicted. The unsanitary conditions? Some dishes in the sink. Mind you we do not have a dishwasher and the month before we had spotty water pressure and very limited hot water. I do not believe unsanitary conditions can be cleaned up in an hour; but, clean up ours took less than that. Then I waited for them to inspect and spray the place and no one came. I went down to the office and the staff had lied and said they had visited and sprayed. Lazy.

That was the last straw. We found a better place nearby with a gate, friendly and hardworking staff, and a dishwasher. A place we could really call home. We move in on Feb 26th.I am looking forward to the space and peace of mind my new home brings. I just do not like packing and not having access to all of my things.My apartment is a terrible mess and the chaotic surroundings cause my mind to wander. I have work and school to juggle, as well. I just wish we could teleport all of our things to the new place and skip the whole moving process.




Sweethearts taste like chalk. They act like chalk, too. I know because I took them to my chalkboard when I was a child. If they tasted better I might pick up a box. I love the look of them and they always tell me nice things. I wonder if they last forever like chalk. If they do I might pick some up and hot glue them to crafts. Maybe spray adhesive will protect the “candy” from bugs. Then again this might be tacky…no it is tacky. No Sweethearts this year!

Mr. Fish


A little known symptom of dyslexia is speech impairment. I can not speak for all the people with dyslexia; but, for me this is one of the hardest part. My reading and input of information is intact(for many with dyslexia these are not);so, my thought patterns are in the normal range. My output is flawed. Thanks to spell check my spelling is improved. I can tell the correct spelling when presented with a list of words closely related. Now with technological advances I can write quite well and with time my handwriting is nice, too.

My problem is verbal communication. The speech impairment limits my vocabulary in many ways. Take the word mischievous. I know what mischievous means; to be in the mood to make minor trouble, ie. pranks. I write mischievous and I can hear it correctly in my head. I can not say it. Somewhere between my head and my mouth “mischievous” becomes Mr. Fish (mis-ta-fish).

Even I laugh at that in certain context. I have tried many times to say mischievous the right way and the closest I have come is mis-chee-fis-us. The first time is almost always a New England Style Mr. Fish. Again this is funny; until I realize it really limits my ability to communicate effectively. It makes me look stupid. For this reason I avoid saying mischievous altogether. Instead of “You are being Mr. Fish,” I say, “You are up to no good.” This limits what I really want to say and possibly making people think I do not know what I am talking about.

This is the reason many people think I am/was slow. Especially when I was a child and had handwriting issues. I could read; but, not aloud(think Maggie in In Her Shoes) and that what was tested. I had great ideas; but, nobody could read my handwriting. I had all of this knowledge and no way to express it. Stuck inside your own mind is a lonely place to be.

Back to Blogging


I’m back! It has been about two years since I last posted in a blog and it is good to be back to writing. I have deleted my old post to give myself a blank canvas to work on. Juggling work and school has not been the easiest; but, I need to get back to blogging about the world around me. This time I am posting on two sites to see if the carrier changes the exposure of my work. Don’t worry to find the other because it will have the same blog posts as this one. It is good to be back!