Mr. Fish


A little known symptom of dyslexia is speech impairment. I can not speak for all the people with dyslexia; but, for me this is one of the hardest part. My reading and input of information is intact(for many with dyslexia these are not);so, my thought patterns are in the normal range. My output is flawed. Thanks to spell check my spelling is improved. I can tell the correct spelling when presented with a list of words closely related. Now with technological advances I can write quite well and with time my handwriting is nice, too.

My problem is verbal communication. The speech impairment limits my vocabulary in many ways. Take the word mischievous. I know what mischievous means; to be in the mood to make minor trouble, ie. pranks. I write mischievous and I can hear it correctly in my head. I can not say it. Somewhere between my head and my mouth “mischievous” becomes Mr. Fish (mis-ta-fish).

Even I laugh at that in certain context. I have tried many times to say mischievous the right way and the closest I have come is mis-chee-fis-us. The first time is almost always a New England Style Mr. Fish. Again this is funny; until I realize it really limits my ability to communicate effectively. It makes me look stupid. For this reason I avoid saying mischievous altogether. Instead of “You are being Mr. Fish,” I say, “You are up to no good.” This limits what I really want to say and possibly making people think I do not know what I am talking about.

This is the reason many people think I am/was slow. Especially when I was a child and had handwriting issues. I could read; but, not aloud(think Maggie in In Her Shoes) and that what was tested. I had great ideas; but, nobody could read my handwriting. I had all of this knowledge and no way to express it. Stuck inside your own mind is a lonely place to be.


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