Road Trip


I will be on my road trip from 6/19-6/28. During this time I will not be blogging; but, I will have more stories to tell when I return. See you then. =) -Emily Rose


Is It Safe?


Eight days until my grand adventure! Today consisted of getting somethings together. I bought a Garmin two days ago and I have been playing with the features. I needed to get litter for the cats who will be left at home. I also bought a car charger for my phone. People say I am nuts for driving from Tampa to New England and back again all by myself. Most say they do not believe a girl can drive all those miles by herself and yet if you ask most men my age or older a majority  have completed a solo road trip at some point.

Is it safe? Well, it is not very safe in the Tampa area. We are second only to the Bronx on car accidents and there is always a major crime going on. In fact a murder happen just down the road from me in a McDonald’s I have been in often. Tempers seem to flare around here. I have seen hate crimes, fist fights, dead bodies next to their totaled cars, and cops chasing suspects with their guns drawn here in Tampa. I have even had my radio stolen from my car! Nobody asks me if I am going to be safe when I drive around town and go shopping alone.

I told my grandmother (who I am going to visit) it is safer to drive on the highway through rural route I am taking to get there than in my city. I am not saying I am not going to take precautions to keep myself safe during my trip. In fact, with all of the training I have had living in this zoo for so long I feel more prepared to take this trip.

I have looked forward to this for too long to cancel over fear of what might happen.

Michael’s Children


Michael Jackson has been gone for almost four year now. It is still hard to believe. He grew up with no real childhood because his father pushed the family into show business. In Michael’s life he tried to keep his children out of the spotlight. Some believed this was about control or because he was doing something wrong with his children (and others). The “victims” of his “crimes” came forward soon after his death to say he never did anything.

After his death the custody battles started and the three young children were placed in the spotlight. Everything from that point in their life changed and I argue not for the better. First, they say his children are not his and the media started playing “Who is the Sperm Donor?” Does it matter? They were raised by Michael; they are Michael’s kids. I don’t see anyone searching for the “Quints By Surprise” sperm donor and they are open that they used one. Sperm doesn’t make a dad. Michael is their dad.

The mother of the youngest was an egg donor; so, I understand why she did not step up. Raising the child was not part of the deal. Also, she has never came forward for interviews to gain fame. I don’t understand why Debbie Rowe feels she should not have stepped up as a mother for her two children; but, feels it is okay to say on television over and over she feel no attachment to them and she doesn’t want to be a part of their lives. You should not have the fame and not the responsibility; that is having your cake and eating it, too.  Either live in the shadow or step up when your children need you.

Then there is the media coverage that dehumanizes these children. Why do they have to be interviewed by Oprah every few months? You can see they don’t want to talk to her and are being pushed by the same people who ruined their father’s life. They still call the youngest by a stupid nickname. I see the older children on the cover of tabloids with their dates or just running home from school. I understand older celebrities that flaunt what they have for the covers; but, photos taken of children from the bushes are a low move in my opinion. Then they wonder why they are being bullied at school. Maybe it is because their every secret is spilled in a magazine and that fans flames of hate and jealousy. “Oh, you think you are hot stuff because of your dad? Let me put you in your place!” I bet anything that it is “Grandma & Grandpa” selling those secrets for the highest dollar.

Now, one of his children is in severe need of support and privacy and all they do is release details and speculation. I know for a fact it must be a family member telling these horrible details because they are private medical file type information only family and staff would know. This is a child who have lost everything during those already hard teen years.

I will be the first to say I hope the best for the three of you and I hope one day you get the choice to be private citizens again.

Things I Would Miss If I Were Amish


ImageI occasionally catch an episode of TLC’s Breaking Amish and I was thinking to myself about all the things the Amish miss out on that we take for granted. Here is my list of 5 things I would miss if I were Amish:

  1. Being an individual: Yes, community and others are important as well; but, what about yourself? I like standing out in a crowd and getting and taking credit for my hard work. These are concepts the Amish frown upon. I need to be me.
  2. Choices: In a community setting like the Amish there are very few options. You don’t get to make choices as large as your role in the community to as simple as how you wear your hair. These choices are given down from the elders/ leaders of the community. To me choices are what makes a person. I would feel less of a person without choices.
  3. Down Time: Working hard is important to me; but, I need my down time, too. I would be beat if I had to work as hard as an Amish person with no down time.
  4. Intimacy: I don’t mean sex; I mean sharing true feelings with others. The Amish may share the work; but, sharing their feelings in a deep and meaningful way. They don’t hug and they do not share the grief with others.The rules forces them to keep complete control over themselves at all times. This is something even I could not do.
  5. An Open World: With limited outside news, the Amish are really limited to their community. I would be limited to my community for my social and informational needs. I am a seeker new and interesting people and things; so, being under a community lock down would not be for me.

This is not to bash the Amish; it is a fine lifestyle. With that said it is not the lifestyle for me.


Anger Motivation


Is anger good for you? Possibly. The repost from Times shows a study that if someone is showing obvious signs of being angry at you, you are more likely to have more motivation.
I read this article a couple years ago trying to find articles to summarize for my Intro to Psychology class and stumbled onto it again when I was deleting the old favorites I have used or no longer link. I thought “okay this is interesting”; but, in the end used other articles I had personal experience with. Now, two years later, I have had experience of this. I am not perfect and there are times when others make me angry and I make others angry. Actually, this seems to happen more to me than other girls because I am quite assertive. I speak my mind and I don’t apologize about it. I don’t believe in violence because it really does not solve anything.
So, what is a girl to do? Anger Motivation. Sure, lashing out would make you feel better; but, then you would have to face the consequences. I have decided to use those stare downs as wood to my internal flame and use the energy from my aggravation to work harder, faster, and better. I take the anger of the other to build out my job or school work. I take those risks and I volunteer for those special projects. Therefore, I get the rewards because of someone else’s bad attitude. So far it has worked out well for me. Hopefully, this advice might work out for you.

Marilyn Size



Saturday was June 1st and marked what should have been Marilyn Monroe’s 87th birthday. Born Norma Jean Baker; Monroe was raised by her single mother, Gladys Baker. The truth about who exactly Monroe’s father was has always been in question; but, most agree her father was Charles Stanley Gifford who was a descendent of John Alden and Pricilla Mullins from the Mayflower. I am also a descendent and therefore we are distant cousins, in a way. This is funny because I work with someone who is also a distant cousin of her on her mother’s side; it is a small world.

When I traced my heritage back I was surprised to find among the simple New England farmers there were great people in my genes. Marilyn Monroe was one of the names on the list. I decided to study a little bit about her and one of the surprising things most do not realize is she was bigger than most think she was. She was 5’5 and wore a size 12. However, a 50’s size 12 is now our size 10/8. Why? Because women are getting larger and do not want to buy the size they fit into and the clothes makers sell the lie that these overweight women can fit in a smaller size. This technique though flattering is a problem. For one it is hard for smaller sized woman to find their true size. As sizes of clothes get marked down size by size true smaller sizes are harder to find.

My sister is a smaller sized woman and she has to special order her clothes because most of the clothes off the rack do not fit on her. I know I vary between a size 8-10 and I am alright with this fact because I have larger hipbones that give me an hourglass shape. I love my shape and size and I do not base my self-esteem on a number in my pants. When I went to a thrift store in town one day I slipped my large hips into a pair of pants that were labeled size 6. This did not make me happy because I knew it was a lie. This lie may not hurt me today; but, if this trend of changing the numbers on larger pants to please larger sized women they would be casting out many women who have smaller frames. It is sad to see grown women having to shop in the children section or having to order expensive custom clothing because other people cannot come to terms about their size and shape.

During the same time Marilyn was slipping on her size 12 dresses many starlets, such as Judy Garland, were taking drugs to make their figure smaller. Against popular belief the drugs that caused Marilyn’s death were not for weight loss; but, were barbiturate due to her mental issues. The overdose could have been an accident; but, some believe she committed suicide since she was on the medication for a long time. Either way it is a lesson that just because you are pretty doesn’t mean you are a happy person.