Michael’s Children


Michael Jackson has been gone for almost four year now. It is still hard to believe. He grew up with no real childhood because his father pushed the family into show business. In Michael’s life he tried to keep his children out of the spotlight. Some believed this was about control or because he was doing something wrong with his children (and others). The “victims” of his “crimes” came forward soon after his death to say he never did anything.

After his death the custody battles started and the three young children were placed in the spotlight. Everything from that point in their life changed and I argue not for the better. First, they say his children are not his and the media started playing “Who is the Sperm Donor?” Does it matter? They were raised by Michael; they are Michael’s kids. I don’t see anyone searching for the “Quints By Surprise” sperm donor and they are open that they used one. Sperm doesn’t make a dad. Michael is their dad.

The mother of the youngest was an egg donor; so, I understand why she did not step up. Raising the child was not part of the deal. Also, she has never came forward for interviews to gain fame. I don’t understand why Debbie Rowe feels she should not have stepped up as a mother for her two children; but, feels it is okay to say on television over and over she feel no attachment to them and she doesn’t want to be a part of their lives. You should not have the fame and not the responsibility; that is having your cake and eating it, too.  Either live in the shadow or step up when your children need you.

Then there is the media coverage that dehumanizes these children. Why do they have to be interviewed by Oprah every few months? You can see they don’t want to talk to her and are being pushed by the same people who ruined their father’s life. They still call the youngest by a stupid nickname. I see the older children on the cover of tabloids with their dates or just running home from school. I understand older celebrities that flaunt what they have for the covers; but, photos taken of children from the bushes are a low move in my opinion. Then they wonder why they are being bullied at school. Maybe it is because their every secret is spilled in a magazine and that fans flames of hate and jealousy. “Oh, you think you are hot stuff because of your dad? Let me put you in your place!” I bet anything that it is “Grandma & Grandpa” selling those secrets for the highest dollar.

Now, one of his children is in severe need of support and privacy and all they do is release details and speculation. I know for a fact it must be a family member telling these horrible details because they are private medical file type information only family and staff would know. This is a child who have lost everything during those already hard teen years.

I will be the first to say I hope the best for the three of you and I hope one day you get the choice to be private citizens again.


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