Things I Would Miss If I Were Amish


ImageI occasionally catch an episode of TLC’s Breaking Amish and I was thinking to myself about all the things the Amish miss out on that we take for granted. Here is my list of 5 things I would miss if I were Amish:

  1. Being an individual: Yes, community and others are important as well; but, what about yourself? I like standing out in a crowd and getting and taking credit for my hard work. These are concepts the Amish frown upon. I need to be me.
  2. Choices: In a community setting like the Amish there are very few options. You don’t get to make choices as large as your role in the community to as simple as how you wear your hair. These choices are given down from the elders/ leaders of the community. To me choices are what makes a person. I would feel less of a person without choices.
  3. Down Time: Working hard is important to me; but, I need my down time, too. I would be beat if I had to work as hard as an Amish person with no down time.
  4. Intimacy: I don’t mean sex; I mean sharing true feelings with others. The Amish may share the work; but, sharing their feelings in a deep and meaningful way. They don’t hug and they do not share the grief with others.The rules forces them to keep complete control over themselves at all times. This is something even I could not do.
  5. An Open World: With limited outside news, the Amish are really limited to their community. I would be limited to my community for my social and informational needs. I am a seeker new and interesting people and things; so, being under a community lock down would not be for me.

This is not to bash the Amish; it is a fine lifestyle. With that said it is not the lifestyle for me.



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