Is It Safe?


Eight days until my grand adventure! Today consisted of getting somethings together. I bought a Garmin two days ago and I have been playing with the features. I needed to get litter for the cats who will be left at home. I also bought a car charger for my phone. People say I am nuts for driving from Tampa to New England and back again all by myself. Most say they do not believe a girl can drive all those miles by herself and yet if you ask most men my age or older a majority  have completed a solo road trip at some point.

Is it safe? Well, it is not very safe in the Tampa area. We are second only to the Bronx on car accidents and there is always a major crime going on. In fact a murder happen just down the road from me in a McDonald’s I have been in often. Tempers seem to flare around here. I have seen hate crimes, fist fights, dead bodies next to their totaled cars, and cops chasing suspects with their guns drawn here in Tampa. I have even had my radio stolen from my car! Nobody asks me if I am going to be safe when I drive around town and go shopping alone.

I told my grandmother (who I am going to visit) it is safer to drive on the highway through rural route I am taking to get there than in my city. I am not saying I am not going to take precautions to keep myself safe during my trip. In fact, with all of the training I have had living in this zoo for so long I feel more prepared to take this trip.

I have looked forward to this for too long to cancel over fear of what might happen.


2 thoughts on “Is It Safe?

  1. I think you’ll be fine. you have a phone and a gps and a reliable car. please don’t tell me you’re talking about the McDonald’s on 56th. that’s our favorite one! 😦

    • No, it is the one on Bruce B Downs near the Publix. He actually was chased from there to 2-75 where he was shot. It had to be some petty fight since he was living in Texas; but, some of my friends from community college were friends with him. =(

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