Don’t Stop Believin’




Drugs & Death

Gleeks are still reeling from the shocking news that Cory Monteith has passed away from a toxic mix of heroin and alcohol. I can only imagine what his friends and family must be feeling this week. The truth is for the public is getting over exposed by young stars trashing themselves and dying young from drug overdoses or accidents caused by their bad behavior. In the last few years the most notable death from drug overdoses have been Heath Ledger, DJ AM, and Amy Winehouse. Even though DJ AM and Amy Winehouse’s deaths were sad they came with some outward warnings. What makes Cory’s death as shocking as Heath Ledger’s is the fact they seemed normal on the outside. Fame can not be blamed for Cory’s death for he has had a drug problem since he was 13, well before fame. Drug addiction does not make someone a bad person; the level of drug addiction he had was an illness. From all signs he was taking drugs to become “normal”. This is why he seemed normal on the outside with everyone who were even personally close to him and why he died alone in a hotel.



Saying Goodbye and Moving Forward

Grieving is a natural part of life after the loss of a love one. There is no right or wrong way for someone to grieve and we should give those in Cory’s life, especially Lea Michele and his family, the time and space to do so. When that time is over it would be a shame if Lea Michele or other Glee cast members decided not to go on with their talents of singing and acting. This is not to say they must stick with Glee; but, they should stick to their singing and acting careers. I was always in awe of Lea’s optimistic view point before the tragic death of Cory. She says she knew what she wanted to be from a young age and she made it happen. I hope she does go back to the projects she was working on when she feels better. Hang in there, Lea, it does get better.

As for Glee, it will never be the same show and if they decide to go on there should be some honesty in Finn’s exit from the show. The problem with teen shows is they are open about sex and not drugs. When I was growing up  the show to watch was Dawson’s Creek. As much as I love the series, they did not portray drug use. Yeah, they had Andie collapse from taking ecstasy at a rave; but, she was sent for treatment for her eating disorder. The “bad” girl Jen drank alcohol during the high school years. On seasons 5 & 6 everyone (who were ages 18-19) were functioning alcoholics. It sent the message cigarettes and hardcore drugs were bad for you; but, once you are 18 you can have it all with a beer in your hand. It was the alcohol that killed Cory and Amy Winehouse and it is alcohol that kills more each year than any hardcore drug. I find this an irresponsible message and one Glee could fix.



Don’t Stop Believin’

I could not end my blog about tragic deaths without mentioning The YouTube Star and Little Cover Girl Talia Joy Castellano. She lost her 6 year cancer battle yesterday at the age of 13. She was only 7 when she was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. I had a classmate who passed away from a brain cancer when we were both 9. Cancer is a tough battle to fight and she almost never let it get her down and took up makeup instead of a wig. Now, she is doing the angel’s makeup. She wanted people to be aware of childhood cancer which is something no child should suffer from. She had a great spirit and we can only hope to learn optimism and grace from her example.

I hope I have not depressed you with this post. My goal is that you read this post and keep believing. I believe in an afterlife and I have hope for the troubled and pained souls finding peace in the afterlife. Some of you may not believe in an afterlife, just keep this in mind: The journey of life has the same destination, it what you do before you get there that counts.



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