Sick Or Stress?


Well, it has been a month since I started my vacation and it has been about 3 weeks since I have returned. Since then I have been sick and stressed. I felt a little bit tired during vacation; but, since I have returned it has turned into exhaustion. I only want to sleep. Then I started my period early on July 5th and I have not stopped. I went to the doctor and have had a series of tests and it has come down to sick with a hormonal imbalance or stressed out to the point my body is reacting. I have to wait until the hormone tests come back on the 2nd to determine this.

Meanwhile, I have been sleeping on a couch since I have found ants in my bed about a week ago. I don’t mean a few ants either:Image

Yeah, I had the whole colony in my bed thanks to the rain driving them up the wall. Then they sprayed chemicals all over my room and in my bed and I am not risking my health sleeping with those chemicals. Then I found mushrooms growing out of my wall in the bathroom and this could be a sign of mold in said wall. It is just gross.

Lastly, my poor cat Ramona is stressed out enough by my illness to have blood in her urine. I am her person and our connection is strong enough for her to be affected. This makes me feel worst of all; I am making my cat sick.



So, either I am sick that is causing me to be stressed or stress causing me to be sick. At this point I have too few results to find an answer. I guess I will just take a nap.


5 thoughts on “Sick Or Stress?

  1. sorry to hear you’re so sick 😦 that almost sounds like Mono since you’ve been so exhausted over the past few weeks, good thing you went to get that checked out. I sure hope Romona doesn’t have anything too seriously wrong with her. maybe it’s just a bladder infection or something easy to treat. *crossing fingers for you both*!

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