Only Child Vs. Oldest Child


There has been a bit of talk about only child syndrome on the web lately. The cure would seem simple: get a sibling. I am of course joking. Yet what happens when your only child becomes an older sibling?



This was me at 3 almost 4. I was an only child at this time; in fact I would be an only child well into kindergarten. School of course is the bench mark in which everything is measured. So, if I was an only child by the first day of kindergarten and an oldest child by the first day of 1st grade what is the difference?

I am almost six years older than my sister and the way I see it we didn’t grow up together as we grew up in series. When she was the age I was when she was born, I was in middle school, when she was beginning middle school I was almost done with high school. The gap in our ages meant we were hitting different stages at different times. We also had different personalities and still do.

I don’t think there was much difference between when I was an only child and when I was an older sibling. I think it is how I was raised. I spent most of my childhood ignored and on my own. I did independent play and reading because of the lack of attention at home. I did not need validation outside of myself and that is still true about me. I really do not think that would have changed if my sister was not born. I am however glad she was.


3 thoughts on “Only Child Vs. Oldest Child

  1. Chuck

    My brother and I are 6.5 years apart. I remember going to some of his events when he was in high school and I remember him taking me with him and his friends one night when the snow was coming down really heavy. But it wasn’t until we became adults that we also became good friends. How do you and your sister get along now?

    • We are very different people. We acknowledge we would probably not hangout if we were not sisters. It is not so much the age difference that made us that way; it is just the people we were born to be. Being complete opposites does not make either one of us right or wrong. Acceptance is what we have learned this far. Maybe friends will not be too far off.

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