Tearing the Walls Down


This is an update to Sick Or Stress?

According to the doctor there was no medical reason I had a 17 day long period that ate up my July. He then reasoned that if I am even 15 minutes late taking my pill it could cause bleeding to happen. What? I can understand spotting; but, a 17 day long bleeding and a whole box of Always because I took the pill at 3:16 instead of 3 on one day? I may not be a doctor; but, this seems highly unlikely. Any woman on the pill ever have this happen?

This is not the only time doctors have been stumped by me. I have has some strange symptoms over the years and when the tests come back clean they grasp at straws. The go to is usually hilarious. Once a doctor said I was obese; I was only 15lbs overweight. She handed me a pamphlet about extreme weight loss and lectured me about high blood pressure while I had an oxygen test because I had low blood pressure that day. Not all news is bad from doctors. I mean they thought I was dead from a seizure when I was two and I am still alive. Maybe, doctors visits are not for me. I think I will just continue on without their expensive and useless tests and advice.

Meanwhile, we have moved back into our bedroom after the ants and chemical drove us to sleep in the living room. Then I was cleaning the bathroom and found mushrooms growing out of the wall! Ugh! So, I brought a freshly picked mushroom to the office. They loved that! They torn down portions of our bathroom walls and there was mold back there as well. Again, not a doctor; but, maybe this is why I was so sick. This makes more sense than the 15min theory.

I am getting ready for school which starts on August 26th. I just ordered about $500 worth of textbooks. I am lucky I do not have to pay that out of pocket! Hopefully, this semester will go well.

For the animal lovers, Ramona is doing better, too. She is doing her favorite activities, again: eating, sleeping, and bothering me when I am eating or sleeping.



10 thoughts on “Tearing the Walls Down

  1. I died laughing when I read the period thing. Your doctor confirmed my death. I believe your doctor is an idiot. I have never experienced what you described and I never took the pill at the same time every day. My mom experienced this but she had ovarian and uterine cyst.

    • You think that is funny? You should hear what he said about ovaries! He said that my hormone levels were normal from my blood test; but, ovaries change women’s hormone levels every 5 minutes. I have never heard that. I was always told the levels change over 28 days. One thing I did get from the visit is my ovaries, I do not have cysts which is nice because I have a history of cysts in my breast.

  2. glad you’re getting better! sounds like the mold could definitely be a huge cause of some of those issues, and your doctor is clearly an idiot. that crap is toxic and can do horrible things to people.

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