The Story of Two Cats



I am not crazy about cat posts. Mostly, I am trying to hide the fact I am a semi-crazy cat lady. At least I have a boyfriend. Anyways, I have two (not twelve) cats, Ramona and Cosmic.

Ramona has been talked about in previous post because of her minor health problems. She is a 6 year old Calico cat.


She weights in at 19lbs because she is on a special diet and loves to lay around. We call her Mo-Mo. She is the first cat I have owned all by myself. I got her off of Petfinder August 2007. She is only really my cat. She does not like other people (she is social with my live in boyfriend) and she hates all cats that are not Cosmic. She likes dogs, oddly enough. One thing she does that makes me know she loves me is when I am sick, she will sit on my chest and purr.

Cosmic is a 3 year old black cat.


He does not take pictures as often as Ramona because he is quite an active cat. We call him Cos. A friend found his mother had a litter of kittens near his apartment. He caught the feral attack cat that is his mother, him, and one of his brothers. I offered to foster the two kittens and the mother was fixed and released (when the cat makes the cage jump across the room in anger, there really is no hope to domesticate). My friend’s cat died so, he took Cosmic’s brother. I tried to find him a home; but, he is black and those are the last cats to find homes. Also, he was the only cat Ramona had not tried to murder. When I found them sleeping together I knew he had found his home, mine! He is sweet and more social than Ramona; but, he also gets into trouble. He never says “meow”; he says “meep” or my favorite “moof.”

So, there is the story of my cats. I hope I did not bore you too much. I love my cats; but, I understand they are not the most exciting subjects for a blog.


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