Being Heterosexual is Awesome!


Being heterosexual is awesome! Here are some reasons why:

I can walk down the street with my love and not face the wrath of unnecessary judgement. There are no books saying being with a person I find attractive is wrong, sick, or evil. I can get married in all 50 states and it will be recognize anywhere in the world I go. I can start a family, naturally or through adoption, without people telling me I will screw up my child or that I will pass my “illness” to them. I do not have to “come out” as a heterosexual to all my friends, family, on Facebook, curious strangers, or to the media (if I was famous enough). If I approach someone I am attracted to I am less likely to have an embarrassing  “I’m not heterosexual” moment that could spiral into ridicule from said person to prove they are not heterosexual. There are no heterosexual slurs to be thrown my way. I am less likely to be beat up or murdered just because of my sexual orientation.

You know the best thing about being heterosexual? We can help our homosexual, bisexual, and transgender sisters and brothers by fighting for their right to have the rights us heterosexual people enjoy! By standing on the side of love and acceptance we can help the gay rights movement. Everyone should have the right to love out loud! Pass it on!



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