Crash & Burn


I had a hell of a day! I started my day with a shower that flooded my bathroom. I told them when the mushrooms grew in the wall the leak was coming from inside the wall as well. Well, now they believed me. My tire went flat yesterday; so, I have been driving the boyfriend’s car. I drove his car to the bus stop and I jumped on the bus that takes me into the heart of my school free of charge. I picked up my books which weigh a ton. I only have four classes and one does not assign a book. Well, one class assigned four books to make up for it! Yay! It should be alright; the class is being taught by a really good professor I had last semester.

Then I had to drive to Best Buy only to find out I had order my camera cord online. The Geek Squad man said, “It should have came with the cord you needed. Why did you get rid of it?” Well, I don’t know I just decided to lose it on purpose. I like to keep my pictures on lock down like that!

I went and picked up my medication (not crazy pills, I swear!), some face creams, and so odds and end for school. I also decided to get some ice cream and pizza rolls. Then I dropped off my library books.

I threw my frozen stuff into the freezer and was greeted in the bathroom by this:



What I always like to see. Apparently this will be fixed on Monday. Sure, whatever.

I then took a nice nap and when I woke up I was a bit hungry. I went to the freezer to get some ice cream and it was warm. Everything in my fridge and freezer was thawed out and warm. Fantastic.

I went to the guardhouse and sent in an emergency request. Within an hour I had a new fridge. I also had this:



Everything on the left had to be thrown out. This included the food I had just bought. *sigh* What is a girl to do? Seriously, what can I do?



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