Songs I Never Want To Hear Again!


I listen to a large variety of music. Some of it not what one would call the best. I mean who doesn’t blast Backstreet Boys down the street and really wants *NSYNC to just get back together for a show or two already? Most normal people. On that note I do have songs I can not stand and never want to hear ever again. Here is the list:

1. I Need Your Love, Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding

Okay, if you really need my love, you need to shut up with the needy plea! I have never heard the song past the second line because her voice just gets on my nerves and I have to change the station. Up until looking it up just to get the name right I did not even know there is a dude singing in it. I hope that was not him in the first two lines.

2. Bad Day, Daniel Powter

I have not heard this song in quite a few years and my ears have thanked me. This is one of the most annoying, whine voiced, and crappy lyrical song I have ever heard. I mean if it is as easy as not kicking up the leaves to lose the magic, I would have a charmed life. The worst part? When I am having a bad day already this song’s catch phrase plays repeat in my head. Thank you for being a catchy annoyance!

3. My Immortal, Evanescence

I loved it when it first came out; but it is still overplayed TEN YEARS LATER. Enough already!

4. In The End, Linkin Park

Same reason as My Immortal. It does not matter what new awesome song Linkin Park comes out with; the new song will get air play for a couple weeks and then the DJ thinks it is time to play In The End every hour for the next five months. I want to hear the new song; because, in the end that is all that matters.

5. Somebody That I Used To Know, Gotye

It seems to me whoever he use to know ran off with his balls. This is the only reason for a grown man to be whining that high pitch on my radio.

6. Baby, Justin Bieber

This is the only title I know by him. I just hate anything by him; but, if I even look up any of his songs my head might blow up. Repeating the word “Baby” in a whine is not a song. Please join Gotye on finding the person who stole your balls.

7.Where Have You Been, Rihanna

Answer: Far away from this song. It just does not flow. Gluing a piece from two different songs just does not stick.

8. Waterfalls, TLC

I simply like Unpretty better and they never play it anymore. Whenever someone mentions TLC on goes Waterfalls. That is what my generation would call a “Scrub” move (“Lazy” for those who are not my gen).

9, Give Me Everything, Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer

First off there are too many people in this song. Either get a band or cut some people. Second, how is it just featuring Ne-Yo when he sings the catch for the song? It is more Ne-Yo featuring Pitbull saying random junk like in all of his songs. Third, this “Lolly” can not stand any of it. Whine mixed with random whatever one liners. Ick!

10. Right Round, Flo Rida

I like Flo Rida; but, this is just repeating the same junk over and over. You can’t even dance to it because there is no real beat. I am too old to play Ring-Around-The-Rosie at the club.

I get excited when the radio plays a good song I have not heard in a while. Those songs on Friday. Until then feel free to vent about songs you hate!


5 thoughts on “Songs I Never Want To Hear Again!

  1. My Immortal will always have a special place in my heart. They play it and I get all emo and fantasize about love-hate-love-murder-suicide. The rest I either agree with you on or I never heard the song in my life.

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