Radio Star


So, I promised some of my favorites that are not on the radio. Well, a radio station has just changed my life! Well, not really changed my life; at least they have made me very happy! I randomly enter contest and I am on the e-mail list for the station Mix 100.7. I do love Mix because out of any station on my dial it has a larger variety of music. Anyways, I saw an email about meeting the Backstreet Boys on August 23rd and I entered because I love the Backstreet Boys and it was on a Friday which is my day off. Well, yesterday I was going through my email. I was deleting spam and came across the winning email! So, today I am meeting the Backstreet Boys and seeing the invite only performance at Mix 100.7′ studio! Then I get to go to the concert! Woot! So, if you are free around noon Eastern Time you can watch the performance here:  Look for an update on my BSB experience!

Meanwhile here are some artist who do not get enough air time:

Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch, Keene, John Mayer, and, of course, Backstreet Boys!

Have a great day! I know I will!


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