Epic Weekend


As I said in the previous post, I won the chance to see the Backstreet Boys in an invite only acoustic concert from MIX 100.7. I had no clue how small the contest pool was: about twenty! We lined up outside with our passes and some girls were lining up hoping they could get in without winning. They were denied access.  During our wait my guest Lisa and I were interviewed for FOX 13 news. I have not seen it online; but, I have heard it was on by coworkers.

After an hour wait, I was able to get a seat up front and center. They played some of their new music: Adelaide, In A World Like This, and Permanent Stain. I got to ask them what their favorite BSB song are. I was surprised I could even speak at that point because Nick Carter said my name. OMG! Sorry, 15 year old moment. Anyways, considering they were more likely up late celebrating Howie’s birthday; they were cheerful and funny.

Then Jesse McCartney came on the stage and sang his new song Back Together and then the old favorite Leavin. He has really grown up from his Summerland days. He is a real class act.

Suddenly, it was time to go; but not before the photo op. I got to hug every one of them and then the photo was taken Here it is:


This alone was worth it; but, this was not all! I also received tickets to the concert that night!

After that picture above the following pictures are going to look silly; but, here are the best ones:

First, Jesse McCartney was one of the openers. He was amazing alone. He sang many of his songs new and old. Then he jammed on his keyboard and left the stage. Random music continued and then…wait for it…the first bars of Beautiful Soul pumped out. Here is him coming back on the stage for his famous hit:


Then it was time for the main event: Backstreet Boys!


As I said I have many blurry concert pictures, Here are the best of the boys:



They started with The Call and ended with Larger Than Life, playing their new and old songs in between. Two songs I was surprised to hear were the non-hits Don’t Want You Back and The One from Millennium. This is what I loved the best is that they honor their past and give fans what they want to hear. Unlike other artist who say they hate their past music and refuse to play any of it, Backstreet Boys and Jesse McCartney are class acts and respect the steps it took to get where they are today! And the fans who got them there!

That would be enough for one weekend; but, I already bought my boyfriend a photo op with Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Chad Coleman (Tyrese) from The Walking Dead at the Tampa Comic Con. By the time we met them they had spend hours signing autographs and taking pictures with fans; but, they treated us like we were the first. Class acts as well! Here is the photo:


Lastly, I could not end this post without mentioning I met the best non- human celebrity (or at least his cousin). R2D2!


I Think I’m In Love!


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