Fun Facts Friday


Here are some fun facts I think will entertain you:

1. I do not shave my legs above the knee because  no hair grows there.

2. I am happy to have a full day off to just hang out and do nothing. Friday=Funday

3. My Monday is Saturday and my Friday is Wednesday.

4. Hump day is Monday! Still sucks. *sigh*

5. I watch too much HGTV. Now I want a house!

6. I watch too much Food Network. Now I want food!

7. I don’t know why I am excited to watch Catching Fire. I read the book; I know what happens.

8. My Race and Crime professor says we are going into depth about Armenian Heritage and my mind is going to be blown. Who votes I am an alien race immune to the zombie outbreak?

9. If the above is true, I am totally going to use it against the TSA.

10. I am tired and all I did today that caused me to put on pants was go to the bank for 15 minutes!

That is all for now. Back to meaningless surfing.



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