Over Productive Day


Today I:

Put the second level on my bee hive

Picked up my prescription

Bought new underwear

Got both sets of nails done

Got my eyebrows waxed

Almost got my eye waxed…

Did the dishes

Studied for online test

Took online test

Tasted honey

Bought honey

Used $20 at the thrift shop! (Not on underwear,  eww)

Publix Sub!

Took a nap

Wrote this!



2 thoughts on “Over Productive Day

  1. lifeofmoderation

    I would love to get my eyebrows waxed sometime, though definitely not my eyes lol. Aside from plucking the area between my eyebrows, I have honestly not touched them in 3 years 0_0.

    How long have you been working with bees? My husband wants to have some of his own one day.

    Nice job on your productive day!

    • Up until today, I had not touched them in about three years, too. Waxing them does not hurt, just stings a little until they put the ointment on them. Today, however, she dropped a bit of wax on my closed eye. It came out quickly with some special lotion.
      I have been keeping bees for about four months now. I have been in a beekeeping class since January. I am sure your husband can find a local one because bees have had some issues lately and they need humans to help keep them.

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