New Year


To say my life got busier in since my last post is an understatement. For starters I was dumped by my boyfriend and had to move during mid-terms. Just when the clouds were parting then I got into a car accident. It seems when I take a step forward I take a step back. I did pass every class with a B and the car can still drive; so, life could be worse. When I got a 54% on one of my mid-terms I thought I was going to be sunk; but, I got that high B thanks to my strength and determination.

Thank goodness the therapy was free because it was worthless. Same crap I have heard for years. You have had a shockingly hard life and should let it rest in the past…blah,blah,blah. I am over my childhood and other traumas I have incurred over the years. My issues are the chemical depression that pills make worse and the taking care of people who can’t do for themselves.

I have only come to realize on my own that I can push pass the depression just by going through the motions and I really shouldn’t do for others all the time. I can do it for myself by myself. That is what I am taking into the new year.