Friend Zoned



“The Friend Zone” doesn’t really exist. Sorry, dudes! I believe “The Friend Zone” can be defined as two different behaviors: using a person and rejection.

If a girl uses the words “The Friend Zone” you are being played my friend. I knew a man who said “I have a massive crush on her; but, I am in The Friend Zone.” I asked how he figured he was in The Friend Zone versus being just a friend. He explained about her texting and calling only when she needed help with her school work (as in have him do it for her) or when her boyfriend left her and she needed a good vent and cry with her “best friend”. This is not The Friend Zone this is a woman using a man and should not be confused for a friendship. Say this with me: “I’ve been used!” Now block her number and don’t reply to that sad email; it is time to move on!



On the other hand,a woman just may want you as a platonic friend; that is not a crime. I went on a few dates with someone I was friends with and when I realized we were not compatible I calmly told him the reasons this just wasn’t going to work beyond friends. Yet, he tried this whole “Why are you Friend Zoning me? I want to be more than your friend!” I understood this feeling; yet, I knew I just wasn’t going to be happy. Yes, a person can be kind, cute, and compassionate; but, if the other person is not feeling the connection they have a right to end it (especially early). There is more to a wonderful relationship than some qualities on paper. In the end the person in question left my “Friend Zone” after days of annoying me about wanting a “do over” I told him I didn’t want to hear from him anymore and any other form of communication would be handled as harassment.  Listen we have all had to handle rejection at one time or another whether we are men or women. In this case “The Friend Zone” is what I believe is just a way to hold on to the false hope that the pretty girl pal will one day “wake up” and be madly in love with you. Save your face by dropping the dream and walking away

Please men it is time to put down the security blanket of “The Friend Zone”. Call it what it is: The behavior of a woman using you or the simple fact you can not take full on rejection. Thank you for being a friend!



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