Why Are You Single?




Well, yes, I know why I am “still” single. Here are my many reasons:

I’m Fiercely Independent

I am alone, not lonely. I go on vacation by myself, I go to the club by myself, and I go to events by myself. I really enjoy myself.

I’m Bored…

I do almost everything by myself and the addition of anyone in my group of one has to be interesting and funny. Sorry, telling me the entire plot of Star Wars on our date is not going to cut it. I’m a nerd; I’ve seen it, I’ve played, I’ve read some of it. I get it.


My Old Fashioned Taste?

Apparently, Britney Spears is out. The DJ played her song and the packed dance floor migrated to the bar and…I kept dancing. I don’t follow trends and my tastes do evolve; but, it is more of an add on process. I like this new thing and I like these old trends, too. Good thing I hated the puffy vest trend of 2000. Yes, that should have Kept Closed.


At Least She Won’t Drown!

I Don’t “Socialize Correctly”

I don’t drink or do drugs. I go to the bar/club to dance and at times play video games (yes, they have gamer nights). I don’t socialize all that much. It seems to me when you approach someone one in a sober way at the library or in a store they look at you like you are a creep. Then you go on a date and they whip out their phone and show you Japanese viral videos while you munch a sandwich. *sigh* Thanks alcohol and cell phones you have ruined ability for the world to socialize like a normal socially!



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