I’m Not Cinderellie


Need another reason for me being single? I am not Cinderella.


You need three Cinderellas to clean up this Mess!

All the men I have dated long-term have seem in some way that cleaning is a woman’s job. Even if that woman is working more hours, making more money, and making less mess.

When I was 19 my boyfriend at the time had me shadow his mother who worked as a maid. Scrubbing floors, counters, dishes, and toilets. Folding bed covers and clothes. This went on for a whole week. All I learned was I hate cleaning; but, I can do it very well.

Well, these days I refuse to clean up after a grown adult. We live in an age where you do not need to scrub a dish; you can just throw it in a dishwasher with a dish cleaner pack. Ta-Da! Clean dishes! Spilled something on the counter? A quick wipe with a sponge makes it clean in seconds and saves scrubbing later.

My exes did not seem to understand this and would whine about how I should do this. *Sigh* Maybe I should date a guy who is rich enough to hire a maid. She can put my clothes away since I never seem to get them out of the hamper. We have our flaws; but, I don’t demand others to take care of them unless they are paid.

Who wants to be my Cinderella maid?


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