The Conversation. 


I see you over there. You want a conversation? Let’s have one

This is in reference to the following because I don’t plagiarize: post: “Suffering” & “Bullies & Cynics”

I just had to self identified so I know I am not a victim. However, I was misquoted. In Suffering we see a person who posted a post about how devastating the election results were and a so-called friend flipping and said “Oh now you have found your voice!” Except the post was about How Bernie Sanders and his supporters should just shut up because he is never ever going to win anything. I replied the Clinton campaign is in a trash bag because supporter didn’t speak up including this person and now they want to start fighting when we all lose. We need to come together. 

In the second act “Bullies & Cynics” we see a victim of life long bullying and criticism and how he wants action words not just feedback. He asks that we tell him how to make it better. Okay, I will:

Never Ever Use Suicide Casually!

Talk of suicide is not to be used to silence someone or as malicious manipulation on people to make them feel sorry for you! People are really going through real trouble out there and if resources are used on you instead of them then you are wasting those resources. The fact no one who read “Suffering” and knew where you lived called in a welfare check or Baker Act on you is telling me you do this often. God forbid you ever find yourself there because they seem to think you are just that guy who says the word suicide just for the above two reasons. End the conversation like a grownup and find your emotional needs in a pet, friends or volunteer work. 

Know the Difference Between Critical vs. Cynical 

Cynics don’t dole out criticism. They are weary of people because they believe are selfish by nature and therefore people only do things for themselves. They avoid others. Critics, extremely critical, these are people who criticize and I guess I am one because I just did. I am honest to the fault that I do tend to be a bit much on people. However, it is never because I wish ill, I am trying to help. It is important that we criticize the world around us to improve it. Ifyou have a chance to see Loving vs. Virgina remember the Lovings criticized the law keeping them apart, the police who busted in the door did not.

Don’t Use Religion to Hide Behind or Attack

UU Principle #1: All People Have An Inherent Worth & Dignity. This does not mean a person is above approach. “I have inherent worth & dignity just agree with everything I say & do!” Umm, no. It means you can do better if you fail and that you have a power and light to lead the way or burn it. I don’t like when my religion is used in a way to shut me up, shut me down or attack me. Most of us had to leave our other faiths due to the critical thinking that was shut down by others. Say “I didn’t like what you said.”

Lastly, Stop Being The Self Victim 

I do not hate you as a person nor do I think you should have rights stripped from you nor do I believe your light ahould be snuffed out. I disagreed with what you said. It is time to stop going to the hospital for a paper cut or to the blogshere for your boo-boos. It is time I think to learn to self soothe. I think it is time to open dialogue civilly and privately in the future for these hurts, maybe seek council. I think it is time to let the past go and learn to move forward with life. We aren’t in the classroom anymore, there is no adult to tell us what to do, we are it. 

As the eldest in our generation  (Millennials 1984-2000) we need to push forward and lead with a beacon torch of hope not turn behind and set them on fire with our mistakes. 

This is the last time I will acknowledge this. Good luck out there.


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