Why Cats?


I received this notice on Saturday:

“On Saturday August 10, 2013 you surpassed your previous record of most likes in one day for your posts on Emily Rose Dreams. That’s pretty awesome, well done!”

The funny thing is the post was about cats. Why are cats so universal? Is it their fuzzy faces with the millions of facial expressions? Is it they way they lay around all day like we would love to?

I believe it is the way they demand attention. Since finding out that they are the stars of my most popular blog post, my cat have been demanding more attention. Ramona wants to fed three times a day and Cosmic thinks he now owns my computer!


My cats think they own my life already; I do not need them to think they own my blog, too! Therefore, I will cool down my cat posts…for now.




My birthday was the 28th. I am now officially 27. As my pictures are stuck on a camera until I order a new cord; I will share a funny picture of my 1st birthday.Image


Making boys cry since 1987. Anyways, with a new year beginning for myself it is time to make some new resolutions. The usual boring things like school and work would bore even me; so, I will only talk about blog related ones.

I should be posting here three times a week. Lately, I have been ill and so the posts have been limited. I am feeling better and I have the time. The only foreseeable events are the holidays and finals week. However, I have been known to avoid the cram study sessions by doing anything else including blogging. I will see what is going on at the time. The days I seem to post the most are Wednesday and Friday. The third day will be a toss-up depending on energy level and events. Think of it as a surprise post.

I have a pool of topics sitting in my Blog Topics folder asking to be published. I hope you will find them as interesting as I do. Thank you for reading my blog.



Everything changes at some point and we have to face the change. I had started posting my blog on two sites this past February and I stopped posting at WordPress because I was getting better feedback at Xanga. Now, Xanga will either shut down or will have people pay to Blog and either option is not one I am willing to choose when I can blog for free at WordPress.
With that said, there are quite a few adjustments that must be made with this change. Trying to figure out what is what and how to even the norm is bothersome to say the least; but, it is what needs to be done. I am sure in a little while everything will calm down and the norm will continue in this new place I have found. Welcome Xanga Members and old readers to my new blog!