Over Productive Day


Today I:

Put the second level on my bee hive

Picked up my prescription

Bought new underwear

Got both sets of nails done

Got my eyebrows waxed

Almost got my eye waxed…

Did the dishes

Studied for online test

Took online test

Tasted honey

Bought honey

Used $20 at the thrift shop! (Not on underwear,  eww)

Publix Sub!

Took a nap

Wrote this!





I worked 50 hours and went to classes this week. I wrote one blog post and on Tuesday and Thursday I only had two cat naps equaling in total four hours. I worked too hard and the fact is I had no play time this week until today. It is hard to only have one day off because most weeks I have two and spend the first day night primarily for sleeping. This week I have to jam sleep with free time.

I thought I was doing that today. I was somewhat wrong. I had plans for after 4pm and I showed up at home just after 7:30am and promptly went to sleep to get ready for those plans. Juggling relationships among school and work and sleep is never quite that simple. My plans, you see, were cancelled by the other party and I was left with a hole in my day. I do not mind being alone by any means.

Walking the world when you are too busy to smell the roses or spend time talking to anyone feels less like being alone and more like being lonely. I wonder if I am being crazy thinking I can shove everything into the 168 hours that we are given in a week. I feel caged in this apartment when I am awake enough to spend the time here. My days seem cut into segments of requirements. I must be here at this time and I must have this read by this time and I must have this much sleep to do it.

I also have to find corners of time to clean the corners of my home; which as much as I push my energy level to the max I can never get the place the way it should be. I wish others around me understood my time is the most valuable thing I can give. I do not like when plans I have placed on high priority get cancelled at the last minute. Those hours might mean nothing to you; but, they are the only hours that matter to me. I made the sacrifice sleep or study time to show I care about you. Please show you care about me.

Fun Facts Friday


Here are some fun facts I think will entertain you:

1. I do not shave my legs above the knee because  no hair grows there.

2. I am happy to have a full day off to just hang out and do nothing. Friday=Funday

3. My Monday is Saturday and my Friday is Wednesday.

4. Hump day is Monday! Still sucks. *sigh*

5. I watch too much HGTV. Now I want a house!

6. I watch too much Food Network. Now I want food!

7. I don’t know why I am excited to watch Catching Fire. I read the book; I know what happens.

8. My Race and Crime professor says we are going into depth about Armenian Heritage and my mind is going to be blown. Who votes I am an alien race immune to the zombie outbreak?

9. If the above is true, I am totally going to use it against the TSA.

10. I am tired and all I did today that caused me to put on pants was go to the bank for 15 minutes!

That is all for now. Back to meaningless surfing.


Being Heterosexual is Awesome!


Being heterosexual is awesome! Here are some reasons why:

I can walk down the street with my love and not face the wrath of unnecessary judgement. There are no books saying being with a person I find attractive is wrong, sick, or evil. I can get married in all 50 states and it will be recognize anywhere in the world I go. I can start a family, naturally or through adoption, without people telling me I will screw up my child or that I will pass my “illness” to them. I do not have to “come out” as a heterosexual to all my friends, family, on Facebook, curious strangers, or to the media (if I was famous enough). If I approach someone I am attracted to I am less likely to have an embarrassing  “I’m not heterosexual” moment that could spiral into ridicule from said person to prove they are not heterosexual. There are no heterosexual slurs to be thrown my way. I am less likely to be beat up or murdered just because of my sexual orientation.

You know the best thing about being heterosexual? We can help our homosexual, bisexual, and transgender sisters and brothers by fighting for their right to have the rights us heterosexual people enjoy! By standing on the side of love and acceptance we can help the gay rights movement. Everyone should have the right to love out loud! Pass it on!


The Story of Two Cats



I am not crazy about cat posts. Mostly, I am trying to hide the fact I am a semi-crazy cat lady. At least I have a boyfriend. Anyways, I have two (not twelve) cats, Ramona and Cosmic.

Ramona has been talked about in previous post because of her minor health problems. She is a 6 year old Calico cat.


She weights in at 19lbs because she is on a special diet and loves to lay around. We call her Mo-Mo. She is the first cat I have owned all by myself. I got her off of Petfinder August 2007. She is only really my cat. She does not like other people (she is social with my live in boyfriend) and she hates all cats that are not Cosmic. She likes dogs, oddly enough. One thing she does that makes me know she loves me is when I am sick, she will sit on my chest and purr.

Cosmic is a 3 year old black cat.


He does not take pictures as often as Ramona because he is quite an active cat. We call him Cos. A friend found his mother had a litter of kittens near his apartment. He caught the feral attack cat that is his mother, him, and one of his brothers. I offered to foster the two kittens and the mother was fixed and released (when the cat makes the cage jump across the room in anger, there really is no hope to domesticate). My friend’s cat died so, he took Cosmic’s brother. I tried to find him a home; but, he is black and those are the last cats to find homes. Also, he was the only cat Ramona had not tried to murder. When I found them sleeping together I knew he had found his home, mine! He is sweet and more social than Ramona; but, he also gets into trouble. He never says “meow”; he says “meep” or my favorite “moof.”

So, there is the story of my cats. I hope I did not bore you too much. I love my cats; but, I understand they are not the most exciting subjects for a blog.

Only Child Vs. Oldest Child


There has been a bit of talk about only child syndrome on the web lately. The cure would seem simple: get a sibling. I am of course joking. Yet what happens when your only child becomes an older sibling?



This was me at 3 almost 4. I was an only child at this time; in fact I would be an only child well into kindergarten. School of course is the bench mark in which everything is measured. So, if I was an only child by the first day of kindergarten and an oldest child by the first day of 1st grade what is the difference?

I am almost six years older than my sister and the way I see it we didn’t grow up together as we grew up in series. When she was the age I was when she was born, I was in middle school, when she was beginning middle school I was almost done with high school. The gap in our ages meant we were hitting different stages at different times. We also had different personalities and still do.

I don’t think there was much difference between when I was an only child and when I was an older sibling. I think it is how I was raised. I spent most of my childhood ignored and on my own. I did independent play and reading because of the lack of attention at home. I did not need validation outside of myself and that is still true about me. I really do not think that would have changed if my sister was not born. I am however glad she was.

Is It Safe?


Eight days until my grand adventure! Today consisted of getting somethings together. I bought a Garmin two days ago and I have been playing with the features. I needed to get litter for the cats who will be left at home. I also bought a car charger for my phone. People say I am nuts for driving from Tampa to New England and back again all by myself. Most say they do not believe a girl can drive all those miles by herself and yet if you ask most men my age or older a majority  have completed a solo road trip at some point.

Is it safe? Well, it is not very safe in the Tampa area. We are second only to the Bronx on car accidents and there is always a major crime going on. In fact a murder happen just down the road from me in a McDonald’s I have been in often. Tempers seem to flare around here. I have seen hate crimes, fist fights, dead bodies next to their totaled cars, and cops chasing suspects with their guns drawn here in Tampa. I have even had my radio stolen from my car! Nobody asks me if I am going to be safe when I drive around town and go shopping alone.

I told my grandmother (who I am going to visit) it is safer to drive on the highway through rural route I am taking to get there than in my city. I am not saying I am not going to take precautions to keep myself safe during my trip. In fact, with all of the training I have had living in this zoo for so long I feel more prepared to take this trip.

I have looked forward to this for too long to cancel over fear of what might happen.