My birthday was the 28th. I am now officially 27. As my pictures are stuck on a camera until I order a new cord; I will share a funny picture of my 1st birthday.Image


Making boys cry since 1987. Anyways, with a new year beginning for myself it is time to make some new resolutions. The usual boring things like school and work would bore even me; so, I will only talk about blog related ones.

I should be posting here three times a week. Lately, I have been ill and so the posts have been limited. I am feeling better and I have the time. The only foreseeable events are the holidays and finals week. However, I have been known to avoid the cram study sessions by doing anything else including blogging. I will see what is going on at the time. The days I seem to post the most are Wednesday and Friday. The third day will be a toss-up depending on energy level and events. Think of it as a surprise post.

I have a pool of topics sitting in my Blog Topics folder asking to be published. I hope you will find them as interesting as I do. Thank you for reading my blog.