I worked 50 hours and went to classes this week. I wrote one blog post and on Tuesday and Thursday I only had two cat naps equaling in total four hours. I worked too hard and the fact is I had no play time this week until today. It is hard to only have one day off because most weeks I have two and spend the first day night primarily for sleeping. This week I have to jam sleep with free time.

I thought I was doing that today. I was somewhat wrong. I had plans for after 4pm and I showed up at home just after 7:30am and promptly went to sleep to get ready for those plans. Juggling relationships among school and work and sleep is never quite that simple. My plans, you see, were cancelled by the other party and I was left with a hole in my day. I do not mind being alone by any means.

Walking the world when you are too busy to smell the roses or spend time talking to anyone feels less like being alone and more like being lonely. I wonder if I am being crazy thinking I can shove everything into the 168 hours that we are given in a week. I feel caged in this apartment when I am awake enough to spend the time here. My days seem cut into segments of requirements. I must be here at this time and I must have this read by this time and I must have this much sleep to do it.

I also have to find corners of time to clean the corners of my home; which as much as I push my energy level to the max I can never get the place the way it should be. I wish others around me understood my time is the most valuable thing I can give. I do not like when plans I have placed on high priority get cancelled at the last minute. Those hours might mean nothing to you; but, they are the only hours that matter to me. I made the sacrifice sleep or study time to show I care about you. Please show you care about me.


Back To Reality


After an epic weekend it is hard to get back to the swing of things. I started school this week and all of my classes seem interesting. I have three classes I have to physically attend: Race and Crime, Social Psychology, and Comparative Psychology and one online class: Domestic Violence. I have been thinking about getting a Masters in Social Work after I finish my Bachelor’s. Maybe.

I also got whacked in the head by a metal cart shelf at work. I worked the rest of the night with blood dripping from my head. Yesterday, I had a splitting headache and if it was not mandatory to go to the first day of the classes I was taking, I would have skipped. I did skip work because I needed to sleep off my migraine. I feel better today. Back to reality.

Crash & Burn


I had a hell of a day! I started my day with a shower that flooded my bathroom. I told them when the mushrooms grew in the wall the leak was coming from inside the wall as well. Well, now they believed me. My tire went flat yesterday; so, I have been driving the boyfriend’s car. I drove his car to the bus stop and I jumped on the bus that takes me into the heart of my school free of charge. I picked up my books which weigh a ton. I only have four classes and one does not assign a book. Well, one class assigned four books to make up for it! Yay! It should be alright; the class is being taught by a really good professor I had last semester.

Then I had to drive to Best Buy only to find out I had order my camera cord online. The Geek Squad man said, “It should have came with the cord you needed. Why did you get rid of it?” Well, I don’t know I just decided to lose it on purpose. I like to keep my pictures on lock down like that!

I went and picked up my medication (not crazy pills, I swear!), some face creams, and so odds and end for school. I also decided to get some ice cream and pizza rolls. Then I dropped off my library books.

I threw my frozen stuff into the freezer and was greeted in the bathroom by this:



What I always like to see. Apparently this will be fixed on Monday. Sure, whatever.

I then took a nice nap and when I woke up I was a bit hungry. I went to the freezer to get some ice cream and it was warm. Everything in my fridge and freezer was thawed out and warm. Fantastic.

I went to the guardhouse and sent in an emergency request. Within an hour I had a new fridge. I also had this:



Everything on the left had to be thrown out. This included the food I had just bought. *sigh* What is a girl to do? Seriously, what can I do?


Tearing the Walls Down


This is an update to Sick Or Stress?

According to the doctor there was no medical reason I had a 17 day long period that ate up my July. He then reasoned that if I am even 15 minutes late taking my pill it could cause bleeding to happen. What? I can understand spotting; but, a 17 day long bleeding and a whole box of Always because I took the pill at 3:16 instead of 3 on one day? I may not be a doctor; but, this seems highly unlikely. Any woman on the pill ever have this happen?

This is not the only time doctors have been stumped by me. I have has some strange symptoms over the years and when the tests come back clean they grasp at straws. The go to is usually hilarious. Once a doctor said I was obese; I was only 15lbs overweight. She handed me a pamphlet about extreme weight loss and lectured me about high blood pressure while I had an oxygen test because I had low blood pressure that day. Not all news is bad from doctors. I mean they thought I was dead from a seizure when I was two and I am still alive. Maybe, doctors visits are not for me. I think I will just continue on without their expensive and useless tests and advice.

Meanwhile, we have moved back into our bedroom after the ants and chemical drove us to sleep in the living room. Then I was cleaning the bathroom and found mushrooms growing out of the wall! Ugh! So, I brought a freshly picked mushroom to the office. They loved that! They torn down portions of our bathroom walls and there was mold back there as well. Again, not a doctor; but, maybe this is why I was so sick. This makes more sense than the 15min theory.

I am getting ready for school which starts on August 26th. I just ordered about $500 worth of textbooks. I am lucky I do not have to pay that out of pocket! Hopefully, this semester will go well.

For the animal lovers, Ramona is doing better, too. She is doing her favorite activities, again: eating, sleeping, and bothering me when I am eating or sleeping.


Last Day Of July


The last day of July is here. I always find it interesting how little time is left in the month after my birthday. Anyways, July is the last full month of summer here in Florida as school usually starts in August. I am looking forward to Tax Free Weekend this week as I have supplies to buy. I am looking forward to school this semester; but, I know how busy my life is going to be when it starts. It is the equivalent of working two full-time jobs and only getting paid for one of them. I know in the future all of my education will pay off. I just need to keep pushing on.

Anger Motivation


Is anger good for you? Possibly. The repost from Times shows a study that if someone is showing obvious signs of being angry at you, you are more likely to have more motivation.
I read this article a couple years ago trying to find articles to summarize for my Intro to Psychology class and stumbled onto it again when I was deleting the old favorites I have used or no longer link. I thought “okay this is interesting”; but, in the end used other articles I had personal experience with. Now, two years later, I have had experience of this. I am not perfect and there are times when others make me angry and I make others angry. Actually, this seems to happen more to me than other girls because I am quite assertive. I speak my mind and I don’t apologize about it. I don’t believe in violence because it really does not solve anything.
So, what is a girl to do? Anger Motivation. Sure, lashing out would make you feel better; but, then you would have to face the consequences. I have decided to use those stare downs as wood to my internal flame and use the energy from my aggravation to work harder, faster, and better. I take the anger of the other to build out my job or school work. I take those risks and I volunteer for those special projects. Therefore, I get the rewards because of someone else’s bad attitude. So far it has worked out well for me. Hopefully, this advice might work out for you.